This Academy is affiliated to -
1. Combat Martial Arts Academy (Gayong Tempur) - Malaysia
2. Shorin Ryu karate DO Association - United States Of America
3. Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Member of –
• International combat martial arts unions association
• International Combat Union and United Martial Arts Group Federation.

Academy Of Combat Martial Arts is open to groups / Instructors who are looking for a larger organisation to affiliate with who can provide stability and support.

We know how important independence is and for this reason we attach no strings to our relationship other than expecting an ethical and professional approach when dealing with students. A condition that I am sure will not present any problems via our open door policy we can offer an extensive affiliation package and more importantly provide a home for small like-minded groups where they can benefit by association with a larger organisation.

Request for Affiliation needs to be emailed to Master Chaitanya Naik Also,
1. Every Instructor needs to abide to the rules of federation details are available with the Chief Instructor Chaitanya R Naik.

2. There will be an annual membership / Affiliation fee for every Instructor. Non payment of annual membership / Affiliation fee will result in cancellation of the membership of an individual.

3. All applicants requesting for affiliation will need to clear all level of Instructor requirements.

4. A true copy of the applicants black sash or black belt certificate will be required and the details may be verified. (Documents received will not be given back).

5. There may be a verification or a background check done by the association as and when required and no acknowledgement will be provided to any one regarding the same except as and when required by / under the law. For Affiliation fees contact Master Chaitanya R Naik.

We are a non-political organisation run by expert martial artists for martial artists so if you wish to affiliate your club then please do contact us and we will send you our affiliation details.